'Go Goa Gone' is a crazy mixture of fear and fun

The latest zom com directed by Raj and DK has hit the screens and the audience is loving it. This is a completely new concept. The story of the film revolves around zombies which is a new concept in Indian film. The audience or the characters do not know what zombies are, why they kill and how to get rid of them. So, they are all kept on the edge of their seats as the film takes them through a crazy ride full of fun and gore in equal measures.

When asked how he has dealt with the alien concept of zombies and whether the audience will like it, Raj of the director duo said, “That’s the fun part of Go Goa Gone. We took something which is totally alien and put it in Indian soil. The characters in the film are as clueless as the audience and the process of discovery of what zombies do and how to survive them is incredibly funny. Beyond the gore, Go Goa Gone is a comedy film.”

This confidence seems to be justified as the audience is loving Go Goa gone. There was a lot of anticipation surrounding this film. The bleached look of Saif was one of them, the rave party in the film was another and the zombies themselves generated a lot of speculation. The film has more than satisfied the demands of the audience.

In fact, Go Goa Gone is a crazy mixture of fear and fun hich not only works but is sure to prove to be a favorite with the moviegoers – especially those who are the fans of the horror genre. Movie critic and analyst Taran Adarsh writes, “On the whole, GO GOA GONE is experimental since something like this has never been attempted earlier. But it’s fun, witty, amusing and yes, thoroughly entertaining. The youngistaan is sure to love this mad, mad, mad ride!”

The plot of the story revolves round three young men who go to Goa for a business trip where they meet a party girl. She invites them back for a rave party being given by a drug lord, Boris (played by Saif) to test the ultimate party drug. This party is invaded by zombies. The film balances fear with comedy and adult scenes and dialogues in a tasteful manner so that the audience is sure to love the crazy end results.