Glad Arjun, Khushi, Janhvi, Anshula have come together: Boney Kapoor

For the first time after the demise of Sridevi, Boney Kapoor opened his heart out and talked about life after Sri, Janhvi’s performance in her debut film, ‘Dhadak’, about the bonding of his four children and lots more.

Talking about the closeness of his four children, Boney said Spotboye“I am blessed to have these four. They love each other a lot and I am glad that they have come together. It was due to happen anytime, it just happened when something unfortunate happened. They are all my blood and they had to come around.”

Boney gives credit to his the eldest one, Arjun Kapoor for showing so maturity, he told SpotboyE: "I give credit to all four, but yes, more to Arjun because he is the eldest. He flew in to Dubai to be with me. Anshula was in Mumbai with Janhvi and Khushi. They have happened through two different mothers but why should they get affected? They need their father now, and I am going to be around them."

Boney is full of praise for Janhvi as she shot half part of ‘Dhadak’ after her mom’s departure. “It requires great courage in such conditions to play the part,”

He said that he’s been receiving calls and messages praising Janhvi’s performance. “Shabana Azmi told me ‘Has Janhvi done chupke se 25-30 films that you haven’t released? She looks so polished on screen’. Rekhaji was in tears, Javed Akhtar also called,” Boney said.

He had discussed Janhvi’s scenes with Sridevi before they’d left for Dubai. “Sri and I had seen quite a few scenes much before we left for Dubai,” he said. “We were in the car and I asked her what she thinks of her. She said that I should answer that question first. I replied: ‘The good thing about her is she is not in awe of you.’”

‘Dhadak’ released last Friday is picking up good numbers at the box-office.