Girls would be in their lingerie in “Apartment”, director jagmohan mundhra

Apartment starring Tanushree Dutta and Neetu Chandra is all set to release this Friday and there is much curiosity value building up around this thriller which has surprisingly been in news more for its perceived sex element. However director Jag Mundhra confirms that the film has nothing to do with sex, he doesn't deny the fact that there would be portions in the film where his leading ladies would be uninhibited on screen.  "If there are young women living in an apartment, they would not be sitting in their house coats, right? Of course they would be in their lingerie; they are young girls after all. Having said that, APARTMENT is not about sex" said Mundhra.

Jagmohan Mundhra is delighted with the way his leading ladies have performed in the film and as per him.  "Just because there is a camera, one should not get conscious. For example, it would look really unreal if you show someone taking a shower with full clothes on. Tell me, who does that", Mundhra added. "My last big release PROVOKED [starring Aishwarya Rai] was a drama but APARTMENT isn't one. Instead it is a slick thriller where one girl is a tormentor (Neetu Chandra) and another (Tanushree Dutta) a victim. It is a very entertaining and well paced film. There have been so many films about the fear of the unknown. Now watch out for something different because this one is based on the fear of the known." Mundhra concluded.