Girlfriend Ankita Lokhande slapped Sushant Singh Rajput

There has been a huge showdown between Ankita Lokhande and her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput at Yash Raj studio in Andheri. Onlookers at first thought it was a simple brawl between lovers but soon things turned ugly and Ankita lost her cool and slapped Sushant in full public glare.

The real reason of their tiff is not yet known but it is assumed that Ankita might have doubt Sushant. The ‘Kai Po Che’ actor was shooting at Yash Raj studio for a film when Ankita arrived at the spot. She called up Sushant outside the studio and both entered into an argument. Suddenly, it was seen that Ankita took away Sushant’s phone and started to check in.

“When Sushant came out, she asked him for his phone. He took it out from his pocket and handed it over to her. Visibly perturbed, she checked the phone for around two minutes or so,” adds the informer.

The drama took bizarre turn when she handed over the phone back to him and sarcastically said thank you before slapping him. “Sushant was taken aback and he quickly went inside the studio. There weren’t many people around at the time of the incident,” sums up the source. Ankita is known to be hot headed according to telly sources. Sushant’s spokesperson however maintains, “There is absolutely no truth to this story. Sushant had a hearty laugh when he was told about it.” Ankita too denied the incident.

It was also reported long time back that Ankita Lokhande was not highly impressed with Sushant’s kissing spree in films. Almost in every film, Sushant kissed his co-star and in ‘Shuddha Desi Romance’, he crossed the limit and smooch Parineeti Chopra 27 times.

Sushant rubbishes the rumor about Ankita’s objection over kissing his girlfriend. "There were no issues about it (kissing). She (Ankita) is quite supportive, she knows its part of my job, she is an actor too," Sushant said.

Ankita and Sushant contemplating marriage for quite sometime. They met on the set of 'Pavitra Rishta' and fell for each other.

Well, we really hope the couple settle their differences and come together again.