GIFA Awards which had Salman, Abhishek perform was organised badly

Actor Suniel Shetty’s company was responsible for handling the GIFA event where some big bollywood names were seen attending the three day event. However according to sources the event was not organized well and many stars had to undergo problems. There was lack of security arrangement for many stars; there was no special VIP seating arrangement for actors and directors etc. However only some of the big stars who were performing at the event received preferential treatment. But what was the weirdest thing was that every actor who attended the awards function was given some sort of award and many irrelevant categories were invented to pacify several actors who attended the show.
Apart form the usual razzmatazz of performances by stars like Salman and Abhishek Bachchan, the event could surely have been better organized. The event was hosted by Arbaaz Khan and Minissha Lamba and not too much of an effort was made to entertain audiences. Superstar Shahrukh attended the awards ceremony but did not perform as supposed to earlier due to a hamstring pull. Instead SRK was made to host a segment of the show, however his normally brilliant wit fell flat this time and most of his jokes seemed forced and silly. SRK was supposedly paid around Rs. 1.25 crores to host this small segment and to add to this he also received an award for ‘Most Searched Star’ on the net along with Priyanka Chopra. For an actor who is simply use to receiving only the best actor award, this sure as hell seemed like a consolation prize.

Apart form Shahrukh who received this weird category award, all other actors who attended took away some award or the other with most being for several silly made up categories. Katrina Kaif who performed on stage was given an award for ‘Most Beautiful Lips’. Hrithik Roshan received the ‘Best Actor Award’ for his role as a superhero in Krrish, however what left audiences baffled was that Bipasha Basu received the award for ‘Best Actress’ for her film ‘Corporate’. Most felt that though Bips was capable in the film, she certainly didn’t deserve the Best actress award for it. But according to sources, amongst the actresses who attended the event she was the only who had a serious film to her credit.

According to sources “Apart from some top notch actors most of the invitees were treated poorly. They were asked to share rooms, pay for their own food and travel in buses to various locations.” There were no proper seating arrangements and there were no special security arrangements too. Nonetheless a few people feel that though the event could have been better organized, it is indeed difficult to bring together so many big bollywood names under one roof. However according to producer and friend Sanjay Gupta the complains are baseless as the needs of all the guests was taken care of and Suniel Shetty personally saw that all his guests were comfortable.