Ghajini sold for 71 crore not 90 crore

Everyone was shocked on hearing the selling rights of Ghajini but the truth behind the mammoth release of 2008 is something else. It was told earlier that the next big Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini has been sold at a whooping price of Rs 90 crore but the news turned out to be false. The film is actually sold at Rs 71 crore.


The Indian Film Company has acquired the all-India rights of Ghajini remake for Rs. 53 crore (including cost of print and publicity). The audio and home video rights have been sold to T-Series for Rs. 8.5 crore, overseas deal with Adlabs is of Rs. 10 crore. Therefore, the all-world rights (excluding satellite rights) of Ghajini remake have sum up to Rs. 71.51 crore (and not Rs. 90 crore).

Another interesting facet that attached to the film has come into forefront. Though everyone is claiming that the film is a replica of the original one, the truth is not the same. Aamir Khan knows very well how to win over the heart of his audience and so to surprise them he has kept the fact hidden that the last 30 minutes of the film is completely different from the original.

The Christmas day will speak whether the film has been able to keep its promises and make a big way to the theatre