Ghajini 100 crore success bash

Asin with Aamir Khan at Ghajini 100 crore success bash


Aamir Khan, Asin and Jiah Khan attended the Ghajini success bash. The film was declared a hit and apart from Aamir receiving praises for his acting, he also received praises for his toned body in the film. Aamir's physique and film definitely gave the other Khans of bollywood a run for their money at the box-office. South star Asin who made her debut opposite Aamir received praise for her performance and all her earlier grievances with Aamir like not being allowed to talk to the press before the film, seemed to be put behind. After all Aamir does like to take all the credit for acting, directing and even promoting his films.


Jiah Khan, Asin and Aamir Khan at Ghajini success bash


Jiah Khan too attended the Ghajini bash. She too seemed to have put her earlier differences with Aamir behind. Jiah was earlier upset with Aamir for promoting Asin more than her. But Jiah who is just one film old, does not have much of a choice but to grin and bear it. Jiah is relatively new in bollywood, but she has already worked closely with superstars like Amitabh and Aamir. With such superstars backing her, Jiah will surely go places.


Hotties Asin and Jiah Khan at Ghajini success bash


Asin chose to wear an Indian salwar for the Ghajini bash and she looked extremely pretty. While Jiah chose to wear a western, short black and white dress that matched her personality. Both the girls attempted to be friendly in front of cameras, but are they really friends? Does Jiah and Asin actually expect us to believe there were no catfights at all? Well girls...we've seen this charade plenty of times before.


Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao at Ghajini success bash


Aamir looked relaxed at the bash, obviously he is happy with the success of his film, especially after the mamoth effort he made to promote the film at the exact same time that SRK's film released. Aamir is known for his promotional tricks and he tried everything from meeting fans to giving them simialr Ghajini hair cuts. May be the other Khans as well as film producers like Aditya Chopra should take some lessons in promoting from Aamir. Kiran Rao was also seen at the bash celebrating hubby Aamir's success. She is no doubt taking tips from Aamir for her directorial debut, Dhobi Ghat which will see Aamir play a lead role. But will Aamir try to back seat direct, wife Kiran's film too?