Top reasons to watch out ‘2 States’

2 States’ by director Avishek Verman is a romantic movie that makes you believe in love once more, starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor in the leads.

It is not the usual Bollywood masala movie but tells the story of a young couple from two different parts of the country — 2 States with 2 languages and 1 interest – Love.

It is about Ananya Swaminathan (Aila Bhatt) and Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) who love each other, but love their respective families, too.

The film is based on Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller novel by the same name and the story is supposed to be his own love story, which became the story of his marriage. There’s also the magic that director Abhishek Varman promises to bring onscreen, together with the fantastic chemistry of the lead pair – Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt and then the Hindu marriage ritual of the saat pheras around the sacred fire lit for the purpose, while mantras are chanted and vows are taken.

The songs of the movie such as — ‘The Locha-e-Ulfat’ — it is a crazy and stupid number that viewers will fondly call love. That special feeling one gets, when all one can feel about that one person! In the film Krish and Ananya’s sizzling chemistry hasn’t been seen for a long time.

All the songs of the movie such as ‘Hulla Re’ or ‘Iski Uski’, gives out a feeling of celebration — of love? One just has to plug the earphones in, and dance in the privacy of a room or even gather in a group and dance. There’s something for everyone in these songs. Audiences simply have to watch the movie to enjoy it — everything seems effortless and makes it so real.

The plot is nicely woven with the meeting of — Punjabi Papa-Mummy with Tamil Appa-Amma. To fall in love and then to get the families involved are tasks that have to be overcome to finally tie the knot.

The there are the awesome mother-in-laws — played by Amrita Singh and Revathy — as Arjun Kapoor’s and Alia Bhatt’s mothers respectively. The clash of the titans from two different parts of the country will be a lot of fun to watch.

The movie also has some fantastic camerawork in a number of major cities — From IIM-A, also Delhi and Chennai, the cinematography of the film is a beautiful visual affair. The direction by debutant director Abhishek Varman is great.

The movie has all the essentials of a hit for the makers and the producers are set to bring in profits.