Get to know how much SRK loves his wife

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan had been married for the last 19 years but with every passing day, King Khan’s love for his better-half multiplies. He feels privilege to have a wife like Gauri who looks after him and his children with so affectionately. He pours his heart out in an interview and reveals that he can’t think one day without Gauri. He is thankful to God that he has blessed him with such a lovely family with whom he can shares his sorrow and happiness, failure and success.

“I think God has been really kind to me. I treasure my family without whom I would not be who I am today. They have sacrificed for me and they are the reason why I love going back home. For me, success is very important but being successful along with having a great family is necessary. You need to share your success with your family because it is not just for you that you are working,” Shahrukh tells.

To him, Gauri is his pillar of strength. “I can’t imagine one day without Gauri. I have crazy working schedules through the year and I know how much effort she puts in to look after our home, our kids and even me. I rely on her for everything. She is the reason why we have a good, happy and healthy family. Gauri is a fine mother as I can see her imparting crucial values to my children,” Khan says.

King Khan adds, “I believe parenting is the toughest job in the world as it is parents who shape how their children will grow up to be. A mother’s role is very important as she is the closest to the child. When I look at my children, I feel safe that Gauri pays so much attention to them. I’m surprised how she has everything planned and how she knows what we need all the time. When I’m all over the place, I fall back upon Gauri. She touches everything about my life,” he ends.

Shahrukh is not only a superstar but he is a super hubby and a loving dad.