Gayatri Joshi to marry builder Vikas Oberoi in August

<a href='//' title='Gayatri Joshi' class='article_display_tag' data-id='gayatri-joshi' id='article_tag_data_gayatri-joshi' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Gayatri Joshi</strong></a>Swades heroine Gayatri Joshi is getting engaged next Thursday. “Yes,” says Gayatri, busy making arrangements for her sagai, “I am getting engaged to Vikas Oberoi on June 23.”
Vikas (or Vicky, as he is better known) confirms the news. “Gayatri and I are getting engaged at the end of this month; please don’t ask me for more details as I am a very private person. All I can say is that the engagement will be a small, private affair with family and close friends attending — nothing lavish is planned.”
Akki’s best buddy

Vicky is also Akshay Kumar’s best friend, and Akki is flying down from Las Vegas tomorrow to attend his best friend’s engagement.

Was linked to Sush

While Gayatri seems disinclined to discuss her fiancé, she does admit that the marriage will take place in August.

Vicky has been linked to actresses Raagini and Sushmita Sen in the past.

Courtesy: Mid-Day