Gautam Gulati goes crazy in 'Bigg Boss 8'

It looks like the ‘Bigg Boss 8’ flight is getting into more and more turbulence each week. After the recent ugly spat between housemates Gautam Gulati and this seasons self proclaimed ‘drama queen’ Karishma Tanna, the viewers were treated to more in your face drama this week.

First Karishma Tanna once again found herself embroiled in an argument. This time it was the generally soft spoken Minissha Lamba. Minissha accused her of inappropriate behavior in recent weeks including her aggressive antics during the task challenge between Lamba’s team and another team led by Arya Babbar. During their argument Minissha told to Karishma, “aap bohot aggressive ho gaye thay task mein”.  Karishma replied to Minissha, “main jaisi hun waisi hun, maine aapko kuch nai bola tha, main camera ke saamne bol rai hun, aap ka kya matlab hai ki main itni achchi actress hoon.” Karishma denied all the allegations that were leveled against her and eventually the two broke off from the argument.

Before entering the house, Karishma had told the media, "I'm not some jobless actor who has come to the house to revive my career. I'll go back and I'll have a lot of work to do." It seems, no matter what work she is doing outside, inside the house she has only one job, that is getting on the wrong side of people. 

But there was even a bigger fight that followed. Soni Singh alleged that Gautam Gulati has misbehaved with her. Both of them shouted at each other and Soni called Gulati a liar. She even went to the extent of saying that given his nature and antics, Gautam will not be able to make a name for himself. Later she held a sort of conference with the other housemates and tried to put their attention on Gautam’s behavior. Upen Patel who has a smooth way of dealing with the ladies of the house, came forward and tried to console Soni Singh.

But apparently Gautam was not happy that Soni was taking away the entire spotlight and decided to take matters into his own hand. What followed was almost absurd in its proportions. Gautam started dancing and singing weird songs. He even slapped himself in a joking manner. His antics would have put Bollywood comedians to shame. It will be interesting to see how Gautam follows up his actions in the coming weeks. Eyes will also be on some of the other contestants of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.