Gauri Khan rescued Rhea Pillai

Gauri Khan and Rhea Pillai are close buddies. They often meet, socialize and party together. When Rhea was recently entered into a brawl with hubby and ace tennis player Leander Paes, Gauri Khan came to her rescue. Rhea was locked by Leander in a room and now he dragged her to the court to get the custody of their daughter.

When recently, Rhea returned from party, five men blocked her way, screamed at her and Leander locked her in the room. 

Now, she has come out open on the entire controversy. The model claimed that Gauri Khan helped her in solving the problem. On knowing about the situation, Gauri took the help of the superstar’s bodyguards and reached Rhea’s house.

Rhea said to a leading daily, "I called up my friend Kajal (Anand), who contacted another mutual close friend Avanti. Both of them live in town and it would have taken them at least 45 minutes to reach me. Gauri said she is coming right away and was at the police station, along with her bodyguards, within five minutes. Later, when she walked into the house, Leander got a little nervous because he is very particular about his image. He got affected because Gauri would see what is going on in the house." 

Leander and Rhea never got married. They were in a live-in relationship and their daughter was the outcome of their live-in relationship. Rhea was married to Sanjay Dutt in 1998 and later they got divorced.

Rhea accused Leander of cheating her from day one. Recalling the incident, she said, "Yes, Leander locked me out. I'd gone with my child for a birthday party. Leader and his mother were running out of the building as I was entering. They even put my clothes in boxes and threw them out. Actually, five people had forcibly broken into my house once before too," Rhea told the tabloid.

She also accused him of hacking her computer and stealing important documents and some photos.

Rhea confirmed that things were not good from long time and hence they decided to separate. "His ego couldn't accept my decision", she added.