Gauri gets SRK a ring for health

It happened first time in 20 years. Ever since King Khan debuted with ‘Deewana’ in 1992, he stayed away from astrology, numerology, tarot etc. He does not believe in all those stuffs but recent health threats made Gauri anxious about SRK’s health and on consultation with an astrologer she has got a gold ring with an emerald stone for her hubby.

Unlike other film fraternities, Shahrukh Khan does not believe in auspicious date or time. like many do. He never done anything for his good luck or for his film. The only jewelry he spotted before sporting the new emerald ring is gold wedding band. He was caught with his new ring only after returning from Berlin.  

An astrologer who is familiar with King Khan's kundli says, "From 2008 his astral chart is under the influence of Saturn (Shani) which is why he's been recommended the emerald stone. This stone controls the negative influence of Shani on the health and wealth of the person wearing it."

The source adds that in recent years, SRK's health has been cause of concern. "In recent years, his health has taken a beating. There's a recurring shoulder injury, a weak knee and a back problem for which he's had surgery.  He has been advised to wear the stone to stop the ill-effects on his health."

Says an insider, "He has been asked to wear the stone because his Mercury antardasha is about to begin. It will be there for two years and a couple of months. It is also great for media and communications."

Hope, Shahrukh is beneficiated with this ring.