Gauri, Aryan, Suhana at Lilavati hospital with Shahrukh

Shahrukh Khan has been admitted to Mumbai Lilavati hospital for shoulder surgery. The operation will be carried out today and his entire family is by his side to support him. His son Aryan Khan who is studying in London arrived in Mumbai couple of days back for his father’s surgery. Gauri, daughter Suhana and son Aryan are by Shahrukh’s side.

"His son Aryan came down a couple of days back to be with his father. His entire family is with him," added the source.

Shahrukh injured during the shooting of Ra.One, he suffered a muscle tear during the shooting. Six months ago doctors advised him for the surgery but he kept on delaying for his back to back shoots and other assignments. The delayed in surgery aggravated his pain and worsen his condition. He was supposed to fly down to London for the surgery but finally decided to undergo the treatment in India. Dr Sanjay Desai at Lilavati Hospital will be performing the operation with his team of doctors.

"Shah Rukh Khan will undergo a surgery on his right shoulder today (Tuesday) afternoon at Lilavati. Shah Rukh Khan had injured himself during Ra.One, but later he got busy with Chennai Express and said that he will get the surgery done only after wrapping up the shooting for Chennai Express", a source close to the superstar told.

An insider said, “He has a muscle tear, which is caused when the bone spurs up. It gets aggravated when he does action and dance sequences due to pressure. SRK has been shooting for a lot of high-octane action sequences for ‘Chennai Express’ which has worsened his condition. His left shoulder is already weak as he had a minimally invasive surgery at the Breach Candy Hospital a couple of years ago. Only his family and close group of friends know about the surgery today. Initially he was to go to London but then he decided against it as it would mean wasting a lot of time that he doesn’t have. He will be at the hospital for a couple of days and then will recuperate at home for a month.”

A friend close to the actor reveals, “He has been delaying this surgery for over six months. Three months ago, his doctors even warned him to not postpone it any further, but SRK did not want to disrupt the schedule of Chennai Express (CE) as the film is his big Eid release this year.”

“SRK will be discharged from the hospital in a couple of days. Then he will rest at home for some time till the shoulder heals,” adds the family friend. He is expected to join the team of 'Chennai Express' for on-ground activities by mid-June.

In a recent news report, the actor was quoted saying, “I was shooting my film and am injured too…I wanted to complete the movie (sic).”