Gauri angry with Shahrukh

These days Gauri Khan is not talking nicely to her superstar husband, Shahrukh Khan. She complains that Shahrukh is taking too much stress these days and not at all taking care of his health. He neglects his health and not having proper sleep. He has been traveling a lot these days and hardly takes rest.

“I know that I am traveling too much these days, I am shuttling between time zones and continents. I do lose track of time once in a while, but I don’t ever get sick because of jet-lag. Everybody complains of sleep issues due to excessive travel, but I’ve yet to experience that,” says SRK.

Believe it or not, King Khan sleeps three to fours hours a days and he thinks it is sufficient for him. “Yes, three-four hours of sleep is just enough for me. Besides, it’s me who has chosen this kind of life. So like everything, it will have its share of good and bad things that it brings along. And I couldn’t thank God enough for the kind of life he has given me,” quips Shahrukh

But SRK has got a loving and caring family. Whenever, he gets time and sleeps, Gauri switch off the alarm and nobody disturbs or wakes him up until he wakes up himself.

Well, Shahrukh take care of your health as we want to see more of you in days to come.