Gaurav Chopraa shares first glimpse of his baby boy

Television actor Gaurav Chopraa shared the first glimpse of his baby boy. Gaurav’s wife Hitisha delivered a baby boy on Monday. The ecstatic father shared two pictures, the first picture showed the face of the baby and the second picture showed Gaurav holding his newborn baby.

Sharing the picture of his baby boy, the actor wrote, "As we welcome this angel , who's come into my life as precious rain falls on parched ground..I thought I should share the moment with all of you ..It's overwhelming to lose both parents and then get this miraculous blessing,bundled in cuteness and innocence..all of it within a all starts to make sense .. somewhat.. Exactly a month ago my mother left us and I know that she would have been beyond ecstatic to hold our #princeChopra ..I can feel her blessings and see her smile ..".

Sharing the good news of his baby’s birth on Instagram, the actor wrote: "Enlightenment in three dates. The meaning of life explained in this short span of time... A roller coaster ride, a cycle, never ending. An emotional and physical test, and then divine intervention and a bountiful blessing today. Between the morning and the afternoon, between two placards on the door... everything changed."

Gaurav Chopraa tied the knot with fashion consultant and stylist Hitisha Cheranda on February 19, 2018.

The saddest part is that Gaurav Chopraa lost his mother on August 19 due to coronavirus. She was battling pancreatic cancer for quite sometime. The actor also lost his father on August 29 due to coronavirus.