Fumed Farah Khan calls Kapil Sharma ‘Mannerless’

Choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan vented her anger on Kapil Sharma on the social media. She got anger over Kapil Sharma’s invitation. The ace comedian invited Farah Khan for the screening of ‘Firangi’ via WhatsApp. Farah got extremely furious and called Kapil Sharma ‘mannerless’.

Farah had expressed her displeasure in the tweet which read, “Dear Mannerless people, if u want me 2 attend ur premier/preview/party DON’T send me a “janta invite” on WhatsApp! U r not doing me a favour! The least u can do is make a personal call. If u can’t find the time for it what makes u think I have time 2 get ready n cm for you??!

When contacted, Farah Khan said, “It was not just Kapil Sharma. There were two to three other events happening on the same day. I was referring to all of them.”

Therefore, Farah Khan has decided to give the screening a miss.

A friend of Farah says, “Farah is a very cool person. You can bet your last shirt that the message sent to her and many others was a mere forward with no personal start or footnote- no head and no tail. So, why on earth would many not get offended?”

Coming to the film, ‘Firangi’ opened with negative reviews.