From the current lot nobody can look a schoolgirl - Salman Khan

<a href='//' title='Salman Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='salman-khan' id='article_tag_data_salman-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Salman Khan</strong></a>He swoons and the world swoons with him, he sports a new look and millions of his fans follow the pursuit. He might be labeled as Bollywood's Bad Boy; his popularity soars with each of his releases making his fans list countless.
We serve you the happening Salman Khan speaking on his forthcoming movie 'Lucky - No time for Love'.
How do you describe Lucky - No time for love?
It's a romantic film, a very sweet film, it has action, romance, comedy; there are emotions. But the most important thing is that the script of Lucky is very good, the dialogues are very good. The entire visual look is great. The canvas of the film is very large, that's why we made Lucky both in English and Hindi.

What is it that excited you about the film the most?
I am a writer's son, so the first thing that I ever look for into a movie is the script, if in the first narration I like the script then I do the movie. In this case, after first five minutes of hearing the script, I said I want to do this film and also produce it myself.

This is the first time a Man-Woman duo is directing you. How different was the experience?
Both of them are totally in sync, if Radhika used to come and tell me something I knew for sure that Vinay knew about it. Whatever they did was well discussed and sometimes it used to happen that even if they hadn't discussed they used to come and tell the same thing.

Women are known to have high Emotional quotient, how helpful was it to have Radhika while shooting emotional scenes?
While shooting emotional scenes, she never could help as she used to start crying herself.

There are a lot of actresses in Bollywood, why did you not choose one of them for the lead role?
We needed a new girl. Amongst the current lot of actress, I don't think anybody can look like a schoolgirl and a fresh face does make a lot of difference.

How did you spot Sneha?
Arpita - my younger sister had seen Sneha, we were looking for this new girl and she suggested that if you are looking for a new girl why don't you try this girl. She introduced us to her; we saw her and signed her.

How is she as an actress?
Very satisfying, she is amazing and I think she will be one of the big heroines of this industry.

This is the first time you are working with Mithun Chakraborthy, how were the vibes?
Well, I had a great time with Mithunda, because we used to shoot during the day and also took dinners together. Almost every night, he took me from one restaurant to another for dinners and stuff like that. And as an actor he is the most amazing actor there, he has done this film really well. I have known him since I was 14-15, I was an assistant in a film called Parivar and my father knew him, so there is a family relation.

The music of the film has topped the charts. How do you rate Adnan as a music composer?
He is fantastic. He comes with a lot of experience, he has traveled the world, he is a well read person and he has been through a lot in his life, so he has got a feel.

Pick your favourite?
Sun Zara, I like the tune a lot and the lyrics.

The temperature in Russia must be below freezing, how did you manage there?
I can tolerate anything but not cold, so there was a bit of difficulty there, but it's OK, work is work.

Did you face any difficulty in shooting with the Russian crew?
That was a bit difficult because there they had hired interpreters. So they used to speak English and Russian and we used to speak only English. The Russian crew only used to speak Russian, so there were a lot of things that were lost in translation. So if we said something, what they used to hear was an interpreted version, which a lot of times were taken in another way.

Any experience that stays with you?
We were shooting at a flat surface of ice, after three days we got to know that it was not land there but it was a sea which was frozen, so that was something very fascinating and dangerous also. The ice could have cracked somewhere…

Courtesy: India FM