From forced smooch to controversial sindoor: Rekha’s mystery folds

Rekha's autobiography, Rekha: The Untold Story, written by Yasser Usman is doing all round the net and it unfolds many untold and unheard stories from Rekha’ s mysterious life. The autobiography throws light on Rekha’s controversial life. Rekha was very much talked about for her personal life, her equation with Amitabh Bachchan and her controversial sindoor that adorned her forehead till date.

The autobiography also unveiled the incident how Rekha was forced to smooch at a age of 15 to how she faced the hatred of Bollywood after her husband Mukesh Agarwal committed suicide. Rekha was suspiciously looked up by Bollywood after the incident.  

Here’s how Rekha was forcibly smooched by her co-star Bishwajeet

"The shooting of Anjana Safar was underway in Bombay's Mahboob Studio. Raja Nawathe was the director and cinematographer of the film. In the very first schedule of the film, Kuljeet Pal (the director), Raja and Biswajeet (the lead actor) had hatched a plan, with Rekha as the unsuspecting victim. That day a romantic scene was to be filmed between Rekha and Biswajeet. Every last detail of the strategy had been decided before the shoot. As soon as the director Raj Nawathe said 'action', Biswajeet took Rekha in his arms and pressed his lips on hers. Rekha was stunned. This kiss had never been mentioned to her. The camera kept rolling; neither was the director ordering 'cut' nor was Biswajeet letting go of her. For all of five minutes, Biswajeet kept kissing Rekha. Unit members were whistling and cheering. Her eyes were tightly shut but they were full of tears.

Recalling the day, Biswajeet referred to the incident as Raja Nawathe's idea. Raja had insisted that he kiss Rekha, not yet fifteen, catching her by surprise. Biswajeet maintained that it was not his fault, that he was merely working on the director's instructions. "It was not for my enjoyment, but important for the film. Rekha felt betrayed and was furious," admitted Biswajeet."

The seocnd tragic incident of Rekha’s life when Vinod Khanna’s mother almost beat up Rekha with her chappal.

When Vinod Mehra took Rekha to his house after marrying her, highly fuuned Vinod Mehra’s mother refused to let her inside the house. She  refused to let the new 'bride' touch her feet and kept abusing and humiliating the evergreen beauty who kept standing at the door. Vinod tried to bring the situation under control but she took off her sandals and almost assaulted Rekha with it. Confused and hurt, Rekha started running towards the lift, with tears in her eyes while her husband, Vinod, followed her and asked to stay at his house till matters became normal.

The third incident when Rekha made a shocking entry at Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s wedding with sindoor and big red bindi on.

At Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh's wedding Rekha shocked all the guests including Amitabh Bachchan and his wife Jaya when she made a sensational entry dressed in a magnificent white sari, bright red bindi on her forehead and sindoor in her hair.

The cameras instantly panned Rekha and everyone started murmuring and whispering . everyone wanted to know: Had Rekha married?

According to the Cine Blitz report, Rekha kept steering at Amitabh for few second admist all the guests. Amitabh and Rekha chatted formally for a few minutes. According to a report in Stardust, "Jaya tried to keep a stoic front for a long time, but eventually she had to bend her head and let the tears roll down."

“A few moments later, Rekha exited the party, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions. In a somewhat anticlimactic interview, Rekha later cleared the air: that evening, she had come to the reception straight from a shoot. The sindoor and mangalsutra she was wearing were part of her get-up for a film, which she had forgotten to remove."