Bigg Boss 7: Foes turned friends, Tanisha hugged Kushal

Kushal Tandon returned to the house of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ on 21st night. With his return, the temperament of the house changed a bit and people became friendlier.

Kushal was asked to leave from the house after he broke the rule of the house and tried climbing the boundary. He even picked up fight with Tanisha during a task. He spoke ill about Tanisha’s character. During those days, the temper of the house got very tense and as a result Kushal was asked to leave.

After he left, inmates discussed whether he should be given a second chance or not. Tanishaa was dead against his return. But after many weeks, Kushal returned on the show.

Kushal went to Tanisha asked her for forgiveness. He said that he was sorry for his behavior and whatever he told about Tanishaa. He even asked her to be friends for life. He told that he regretted his behavior. Tanisha in return told him that more than his behavior; she was hurt by his remarks. Kushal told her that he was apologetic and promised her that he would never let her down either inside the house or outside. Tanisha hugged him tight. And thus foes became friends. Only time will tell whether this was genuine or was meant for the camera?

Other than this, there was one person in the house who was on cloud 9 with the return of Kushal and yes it was none other than Gauhar. She always stood for Kushal even in absence of the former. Yesterday they both were seen making up for the lost times. Kushal and Gauhar talked to each other at length. In between the talk, Kushal told her that he didn’t like her giving lift to Ajaz. Gauhar told that they were just friends. But Kushal tried explaining Ajaz’s feelings for her and asked her to be more conscious.

Later at night, Kushal and Gauhar confided in Ajaz that both of them had liking for each other and so Ajaz should stop flirting with Gauhar. Ajaz told this thing to Andy and Kamya. Kamya asked him whether he had feelings for Gauhar. To this Ajaz remained silent as he did not want to talk on national TV. But he was uncomfortable with the way, the relationship between Gauhar and Kushal was growing. With not much action, one more day of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ ended.