Friday Release: Bipasha Basu starrer ‘Aatma’

The big Friday release is Bipasha Basu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s horror flick ‘Aatma’ Supern Verma’s ‘Aatma’ is a domestic horror flick. It is a story of a mother and her daughter who were haunted by ghost. The film also stars Shernaz Patel and child actress Doyel Dhawan in supporting roles.

Director Supern Verma said, "Both the actors were willing to go into the unsafe zone that they have never been in before. For Nawaz it was a very deep personal space that he had to go in and get totally psyched about. Bipasha has gone through hell emotionally during the making of 'Aatma'." 

Nawazuddin threw some light on his character in 'Aatma' in an interview, "Actually, 'Aatma' is a very different than usual horror films because of two reasons. First, director Suparn Verma has focussed on the emotional bonding among three people of a family, and second it has many elements of our daily lives. You won't find anything like typical 'bhoot-pret' or hamming stuff in it. 'Aatma' is a performance based film like what I do or what Bipasha does in other films, there is no 'over the top' acting from any of us including the child Doyel."

He further said, "My character is a common man who does a normal 9 to 5 job but he is as emotional as any other father would be. Today we see a lot of matrimonial disputes and court battles to take the child's custody. My character loves his daughter like anything and wants to be with her at any cost. It forms an emotional triangle among the father, the mother and the daughter. It's a very real character."

‘Aatma’ is a story about a mother whose husband passes away and she lives with her daughter. Her dead husband tries to snatch away their daughter from her.

It’s going to an interesting flick. So, don’t miss the first day, first show.