Forever keen on making news

For keeping yourself hot and boiling, nothing is more appropriate than making headlines. There are some Bollywood personas ever so keen to hove the focus of limelight under theirs gripping belt. With the failure of other options to fame and glory, they don’t mind resorting to the most awful of antics to garner attention. Though most of the respectable ones stay away from news as well as scandal mongering, there are quite a few to belong to this famous yet notorious category.

1. Rakhi Sawant



The first name to pop up should be one and only Rakhi Sawant. The item performer doesn’t mind crossing the limits of decency to be on the center stage of media’s attention. Whether it is by way of commenting or that of kissing, the sexy siren is always on the lookout for spicy deals for name and fame. But then, such lively ways to clamor attention added an edge to her awesome popularity. You may tag it as notorious, but then there is little to deny her powerful sway on the pulse of limelight. You can choose to hate or love her; but it is difficult to ignore her rollicking presence. Of late, perhaps her popularity was to hit all time high, with the belligerent Rakhi making her presence felt in quite a few item sequences of Bollywood movies. She also was spotted to be a part of an acclaimed chat show hosted by Karan Johar.

2. Nupur Mehta

The budding actress was a part of the glamour world. She had a part to play in ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal’. But then, there wasn’t anything worth the headlines. But, no sooner did she find focus on counts of match fixing, than she became famous in no time. The allegations involved a match between the tycoons of world cricket- India & Pakistan. Incidentally, the game accused to have been fixed up was a part of the prestigious ‘World Cup’. The luscious lasso added an edge to the controversy by claiming that she was seeing a cricket star from Sri Lanka- Tilakratne Dilshan.

3.Sherlyn Chopra
Sherlyn Chopra

Another promising newsmaker on Bollywood horizon- managed to keep things hot and piping by posting nude snaps across one of the acclaimed social networking cites.

4. Poonam Pandey

t is hardly unknown how Poonam Pandey went about it all. The actress still in her teens vouched to strip herself if Dhoni’s men managed to see through the World Cup in flying colors. According to Poonam, she wouldn’t mind walking into the victorious dressing room. Despite not living up to her claim, she did post a topless picture following India’s victory against Sri Lanka in course of a tri series.