Five Onscreen Lip Locks That Wooed Audiences

Onscreen lip locks in Indian film industry is something which one would not have thought about until recent times. The Bollywood film industry always had inhibition in shooting the intimate scenes as it was supposed to be in bad taste and against the Indian culture. This school of thinking was very much prevalent till a couple of years ago, but nowadays it is seen that the distinction between the public and the private scene is diminishing fast. Bollywood movies have become too much bold in their approach and lip locks are very much common.

Even though there are many on screen lip locks which can be seen nowadays, there are a few lip lock sequences which have created a stir among the audiences and have become pretty famous. Mentioned below are five famous onscreen lip locks shot in the Bollywood film industry. Kites











The mega budget Hindi movie, Kites was produced in 2010, and was one of the most hyped movies. The film drew attention as it was a multi lingual film and had a foreigner as the lead actress. Even though the film could not do well in the box office, the lip lock between Hrithik and Mori was one of the prime interests of the viewers. In fact Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori also made a good pair and there on screen chemistry was pretty good. Crook











Crook is a film, which stars Emran Hashmi and Shella Allen. As the actor is often referred as a serial kisser, Emran Hashmi has once again done a lip lock with Shella and is on the news again.
















You can also see a lip lock in Rajneeti, which is set against a political back drop. In this film you can see Ranbir Kapoor and Sarah. Both play the role of lovers who are ripped across. The lip lock which is shared between them, tries to show the fidelity and the honesty of Ranbir’s love to his lady, irrespective of boundaries. This lip lock is more of an assurance rather than the portrayal of sensuous love.
Band Baaja Baraat














4.Band Baaja Baraat

In Band Baaja Baraat also we see actors Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh doing lip lock in such a situation where there was no possibility of love or romance between them. So this sweet exchange of lip lock was a kind of relief to the audience, for whom this was pretty unexpected.









Another rustic onscreen lip lock which was pretty talked about was in the film Ishqiya. The film cast includes Arshad Warsi, Vidya Balan and Nasiruddin Shah. The film has a typical village like ambience, where Vidya plays a village girl. She and Arshad Warsi engage themselves in a lip lock which expresses their love and passion for each other. 

Lip locks are a revolution for such an industry where showing of skin and various other bold acts were a strict no-no. With recent times such restrictions and limitations no more exists and lip locks are very much talked about. Showing lip locks on screen has defied all the rules of culture and norms; and they are very much prevalent in Indian films now.