First Time: Jaya Bachchan speaks about Aaradhya’s looks

The world is curious to get a glimpse of former beauty queen and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s first child Aaradhya born on 16th November 2011 but the Bachchan parivar is very protective about their little angle and refused to divulged any details or reveal any picture of the baby. We came to know a little bit of the baby’s looks from a die hard fan of Aishwarya named Anisah Hussain from Londo when she caught hold of Ash and her baby while Aishwarya was shopping for her little daughter. Now the details of the baby’s looks directly came from the house mouth, Aaradhya’s grandmother Jaya Bachchan.

In an interview to BBC, Jaya Bachchan said, "Aaradhya looks like a bit of Aishwarya and a bit of Abhishek. She`s a tall girl."

The veteran actress also added, " Aishwarya is a hands on mom. She is sometimes overcautious. Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces. She is beautiful. I call her Strawberry because when she was born she reminded me of a strawberry. She is always smiling. Touchwood. Now she`s trying to crawl and it`s special to us."

"Sometimes I tease Aishwarya and I say well Aaradhya is a very lucky girl because can you imagine having a nurse like Miss World Aishwarya! I would also like her(Ash) to start going out but she is absolutely, totally hands down and doesn`t depend on anybody which I think is great." she added.

Aishwarya is enjoying motherhood to the fullest and she is in no hurry to return to films. ‘Motherhood is blissful’, said Aishwarya in an interview.

Aishwarya Rai with baby Aaradhya