First Picture: Groom-to-be Varun Dhawan enjoys bachelor party

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan enjoyed bachelor party with his gang. The groom-to-be was dressed in a traditional attire, an off-white ethnic ensemble. An embroided kurta with a matching coat on top. It is reported that the actor parties with his boys will the wee hours of morning at a hotel few miles away from the wedding venue. Loud music was heard from the party. 

In the photo, Manish Malhotra and Kunal Kohli could be seen along with the boys.

The longtime couple will enter into wedlock at the exotic beach resort ‘The Mansion House’ in Alibaug. The choice was between the Tropicana Resort & Spa and The Mansion House but the couple went for the latter.

Natasha and Varun have known each other from school life and for the actor it was a love at first sight moment in his life. On Kareena Kapoor's radio show What Women Want, Varun spoke at length about how he fell for Natasha. “The first time I met Natasha was in the sixth standard. We have not been dating since then. We were friends till the eleventh or twelfth grade. We were very close friends,” he had said.

“I still remember, we went to Maneckji Cooper, she was in the yellow house and I was in the red house. It was on the basketball court. So, in the lunch break, in the canteen, they give you food and an energy drink. I remember her walking, I remember seeing her and actually, when I saw her that day, I felt like I fell in love with her. That was it,” he had added.