First look: Rakhi Sawant in film based on Indrani Mukerjea

With shocking revelations surrounding the sensational murder case of Sheena Bora, it was already expected that some writer or director would come forward to make a film on it. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had said the case has caught hi fancy and he had a script which was strikingly similar to the incident. But it appears that Rakhi Sawant has beaten him in this.

Rakhi said that she is already working on a film based on Indrani Mukerjea’s life. In fact, her first look from the film titled ‘Ek Kahaani Julie Ki’ has also been revealed. The controversial actress portrays the character of Indrani Mukerjea in the film.

"My film 'Ek Kahaani Julie Ki' is based on Indrani Mukerjea's life. It is inspired from it. I am so lucky because she's my best friend. I know her for many years now. I have won two reality shows on her channel and I have received a lot of prize money. I know Indrani, her husband Peter and I even knew Sheena," Rakhi was quoted by DNA.

Indrani Mukerjea is a former head of INX Media and is married to Star TV ex-CEO Peter Mukerjea. She is the prime accused in the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora.

Rakhi said that she became friends with Indrani when she was a part of a show that the latter produced. "I was one of Indrani's favourite stars and she used to love me a lot. I am very sad about what is happening to her now. She is alone, she needs me. So I thought why not make a film on her life,” Rakhi said

Speaking about the film the actress said the film originally revolved around the character of Julie and her three boyfriends. But after the incident, the boyfriends were changed into husbands. “We have done a lot of research on the matter and are proud to present the film," she added.