First day First show reactions to Kyun! Ho Gaya Na

Kyun...Ho Gaya Na!Boney Kapoor’s second film of the year Kyun! Ho Gaya Na… (after the dismal performance of Run) opened to a packed house for its first show at Liberty Cinema, Mumbai (See chart below for first week advance booking status). Also his strong promotional policies have ensured that the shows for the weekend are full. But the euphoria doesn’t seem to...
...survive too long with what the audiences had to comment.

Of course the response was quite mixed but the negative reply was on the heavier side. These were the one-liners that went on to describe the film :

- Pure waste of money
- Nothing great
- Bakwaas
- Koi dum nahi
- Very boring
- Terrible
- 8 din bhi nahi chalegi

Regarding the Ash-Vivek pairing too, there was not much off a buzz as the movie was promoted to be. Not bad, but not good either is their screen-chemistry. “So so, average” says a viewer.

But one thing was unanimous. Ask looks damn gorgeous in the film. “She’s pretty and Boney Kapoor is going to make a fortune out of it”, says an excited viewer. Music was liked by all and Big B like usual was good (though with less presence than what the audience was expecting).

Hope Boney doesn’t have to say Kyun! Ho Gaya Na… in an unenthusiastic sense!