Fire on the set of ‘Beyhadh’, Kushal Tandon saves Jennifer’s life

Fire broke out on the set of ‘Beyhadh’ and Kushal Tandon comes in rescue of Jennifer Winget. The incident took place on the mandap where the marriage sequence of Arjun and Maya was taking place. As per the script, the ‘Mandap’ was planned to catch fire to show the marriage was inauspicious! but things went out of hand when fire caught before it was planned. Fire broke out too early and it spread very fast.

Kushal shared a video which shows the mandap caught fire. Maya and Arjun performing the sequence in which Maya forces Arjun to exchange varmala. Kushal and Jennifer were performing the scene when the set caught fire and Kushal immediately jumped off the mandap but Jennifer could not come out. Kushal again went inside and immediately pulls out Jennifer out of the mandap. The team tried to put off the fire.

Kushal shared the video and wrote, "It's actually so cliche...... u save a girl from fire .... have always Watched and imagined as a scene ..... but it actually happened ..... ????"

"the way I ran both the times ... m laughing watching this wile m on my way back home ... but was terrified that time .... don't know what all was goin in my mind ...."

"sad that Wat was the action directors safety ... not a single action directors guy came to rescue that girl ..... Thanku God for giving me strength and the ability to think at that time to run and get her first Coz she jus froze ... and the day ends ... much love ?to all."

A source was quoted by DNA as saying, "We were filming a marriage sequence with both Kushal and Jennifer. The set was supposed to catch fire, even during the shoot. But there was a little mishap and the fire caught on too easily and too fast." The source further confirmed that there were no injuries, "No, thankfully there were no casualties. Kushal, who had an act during the scene, immediately jumped out and even pulled out Jennifer when he witnessed the mandap catching more fire than what was planned."

A few hours after the incident, Jennifer took to twitter and thanked Kushal for saving her life. Kushal replied with the show’s dialogue, “dosthi Ki hai nibhani tho pareghi.”

Kushal informs his fans#Thanku all for ur concern .... every thing is ok ,jus a little burn on neck and legs ,it will be ok soon much love

#Wel haha burns are a little painful tho .... but yea it Wil heal soon ...Thanku
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