Filmmaker Partho Ghosh arrested, later gets bail

Bollywood actors and directors have tried a number of stunts in their times for the success of their films. Now, it is the turn of filmmaker Partho Ghosh. The 63 year old director has been arrested for procuring a fake passport and a forged visa for actors whom he used for shooting a film in Canada. He was later released on bail.

The story started unraveling with the arrest of a bit actor by the name Jamini Mistry (32). The immigration officials informed the Sahar police that Mistry had visited Canada in October, 2012 with a fake passport and a forged visa. The actor was arrested in July. Interrogation of the actor revealed a number of facts about the mater. Senior investigating officer Ravindra Patil of Sahar Police station said, "She told us Ghosh had offered her and 18 others roles in a movie that was to be shot in Toronto."

Other people who will be arrested in relation to this include an Ahmedabad based agent Raju. The name of an assistant director Farhan Siddiqui has also come up in this connection. Raju is supposed to have played a key role in all these events. In fact, according to Mistry, Raju was the one who introduced her to Ghosh. The two then taught her how to answer questions correctly so that she could get past the immigration officials. A police officer reported, "Mistry said Ghosh and Siddiqui trained her in talking with immigration officials. She said the training had gone on for three days. Her luck ran out in Toronto." Raju is currently untraceable. The police are spending every effort in looking for it.

Everything proceeded according to plan. A group of 18 actors and crew landed at the Toronto International airport in October 2012. However, at that time they were arrested. She was sent back to Mumbai after enquiry and the local officials were informed of the matter. The immigration officials of Mumbai investigated the matter for nine months before they arrested Mistry. On her statement, 18 people were questioned. After a month and a half of enquiry, Partho Ghosh was arrested from his Goregaon office on 27th September. On Tuesday he was produced in court on charges of forgery and cheating and was granted bail. The shooting of his film has temporarily been stalled and its future is in question. Police are investigating whether this is a part of a larger racquet.