After Boney Kapoor, Karan Johar gets threatening calls

Filmmaker Karan Johar lodged a complaint with the Khar police station after he received an extortion threat from an unknown number via SMS on his mobile phone. Police registered his case and investigation is on. Police suspects the involvement of some goons in threatening Karan Johar and producer Boney Kapoor

Karan Johar has been provided armed security for his safety. The case has been transferred to anti-extortion cell of the Mumbai crime branch. Since the caller has used internet telephony to threat Karan, they are finding difficulty in tracing the culprit.

Only a day’s back, Boney Kapoor lodged a complaint with the Oshiwara police station after he received threatening calls from an unknown number. His case too was transferred to the anti-extortion cell. The police patrolling in both the areas of the where the two live has been increased. In Boney Kapoor’s case, it is highly suspected that gangster Ravi Pujari is behind the extortion call.

Karan Johar is a noted filmmaker of Bollywood. He owns a production house, Dharma Production which produced many hit movies. He is currently judging a reality show and will soon make his acting debut.

The police are investing the case and however, they refused to divulge any details of the case.  They strongly believed that underworld is directly linked to the incident.

Film personalities and underworld goons’ relationship dates long back .  Stars are considered soft targets of the underworld. A filmmaker said, "Many filmmakers keep getting these kind of messages but we ignore them. "

Recently, another escapee gangster had sent threatening text messages to a MLA over a dispute. And police suspect the same accused was behind the threat calls to both the film producers. But crime branch officers said that they were yet to confirm the same.