Film director Kumar Dave makes debut with love story of beggars

Debutant Indian director Kumar Dave makes a bold attempt at finding a solution to the ultimate mystery of mankind-our purpose and place in the universe-with his "Prarambh".
A love story, the film has two beggars as the main protagonists whose meaningless existence finds a...
...direction when they find in each other, much against their will, a reason to live.

The petite Gauri Karnik teams up with theatre pro Vijay Raaz, the street smart, opportunistic beggar Bholu who finds his match in Chamki played by Karnik.

The duo brought together by fate and the sheer emptiness of their lives, suddenly find an aim-to secure the most alms.

Though, in true Bollywood style, the initial strife is only a facilitator to the true love the beggar duo are destined to find, Dave claims his film is anything but staple, and mirrors the reality of each one of us.

"Through this film we tried to convey that if a beggar has brains, is socially aware and a good heart and we motivate him in the right direction then that person will give up begging and work for a livelihood," Dave said at a promotional event of the film in New Delhi.

"Prarambh" will hit cinema theatres on August 13. While its producers claim it to be riveting film, with no impressive starcast, eye-catching costumes or music score, its box office future, critics say, is bleak.

The lead actors, meanwhile, are undeterred saying good cinema works. Vijay Raaz, a popular face in parallel cinema, has been appreciated for his work in the crossover hit "Monsoon Wedding" and the more recent "Raghu Romeo". The talented actor is yet to hit mainstream Bollywood.

"During our shooting, people actually mistook me as a beggar. Many people did not realise we were shooting there, some of them gave me alms. Those were very special moments, very funny. They actually thought that I was a beggar. Probably I was able to identify the character and could convince everybody also," Raaz said.

Meanwhile for Karnik, whose first fim "Sur" (Rythm) sank without a trace, says playing the strong-willed, fearless woman who motivates Bholu has been memorable.

"The whole film is memorable because the character requires drastic changes from me. I first could not identify myself being so rough in terms of body language, in terms of voice, in terms of everything. So, the moments that I have played that have been funny, have been very memorable," Karnik said.