Feroz Khan insults and abuses in Pakistan

Recently, the entire cast of Akbar Khan’s film 'Taj Mahal' was in Pakistan to represent one of the first Indian films that will be screened in Pakistan after a considerably long time. The Indian delegation consisted of many members from the Khan clan, including Fardeen Khan and his wife Natasha. Mahesh Bhatt was also a part of this honorable delegation along with several other actors and government personnel. The trip was to mark a new beginning for the ongoing peace process between Pakistan and India. However, what started as a memorable moment was later turned into an embarrassing situation for the Indian delegation due to Feroz Khan’s fracas with a Pakistani delegate.
The quarrel began when the anchor of the show in Pakistan, Fakhr-E-Alam posed a sensitive question to actress Manisha Koirala. Manisha seemed hesitant to answer the question and was seen squirming, so the anchor gauging her reaction sarcastically offered to change the subject. When Feroz Khan who was close at hand, heard the anchor’s taunts towards the actress, he was enraged and began to berate Alam. But this verbal chiding soon turned into a heated argument between Khan and the anchor. The hot-headed Khan was soon hurling insults and abuses at the anchor and he was even heard making insulting remarks about Pakistan and Pakistani people. Feroz was heard saying “We have a Muslim President and Sikh Prime Minister in India, but in Pakistan Muslims kill Muslims.” He also went onto state that Indian films were so powerful that even the Pakistan government was unable to suppress them for long.

The entire Indian delegation was completely embarrassed by Feroz Khan’s remarks. Son Fardeen Khan and brother Akbar Khan tried to calm the worked up actor who was quite drunk, but there was no stopping him and he was hurling insults and even resorted to breaking a few plates. Pakistani officials were completely taken aback with this scene and showed their displeasure over the incident by asking Feroz Khan to leave Pakistan. Mahesh Bhatt who was also present during the function said, “We are all extremely shocked with this incident and it was certainly not expected from Feroz Khan. The entire team of Indians was extremely apologetic to the Pakistanis for Feroz Khan’s remarks and behaviour”. Akbar Khan’s spokesperson, Dale Bhagwagar stated, “Feroz Khan’s behaviour was in his personal capacity. It had nothing to do with the Indian delegation and did not hamper the purpose of the visit. We are human beings and one does have arguments and heated discussions, but that should not deflect us from the main issue of friendship between the two countries. The issue is too large to be hampered by one person alone.”

Feroz Khan later told media persons, “Fakhr-E-Alam was asking my colleague, Manisha Koirala a question in an indecent manner. So I intervened and merely asked him not to ask any such questions. I did not even use a single word to disgrace my hosts Pakistan or the Pakistani people. The story is being concocted, how can such a staunch supporter of friendship between the two neighbouring countries speak any words that could hamper the peace efforts?” It was later on decided by the Khans, that Feroz would not accompany the delegation to Karachi. He is now in Dubai. Feroz Khan is well-known for his hot headedness and irrational behavior. There have been several instances in the past where the actor has reacted on an impulse and spoken without thinking of the consequences. It looks like this time the actor’s antics were not taken lightly. As an ambassador for India, the actor should have been more responsible in his behavior.