Female fan waited whole night to hug Salman

He might be called the bad boy of Bollywood but for his fans, he is next to God. Salman Khan is an adorable actor. In spite of new entrant, his popularity never ceases down. Even today, fans die to get a glimpse of him or to get a hug from him. Their love for him was so high that sometimes it crosses the level of affection. One such incident occurred in Australia while shooting for Mr and Mrs Khanna. A crazy female fan waited the whole night to get a hug from Salman Khan.

It so happened that a female fan stopped Salman Khan on Flinders Street in the night and aggravated him for a hug. The crew member ignored the girl at first and continued shooting till the morning. But the crazy fan did not want the opportunity go and waited outside the shooting location whole night for the shooting to finish.

Finally, after the shoot, Salman decided to meet her. "Salman walked up to her and asked in Hindi 'Aapko kya chahiye?'. She said 'hug chahiye' and Salman hugged her gently," the movie's director Prem Soni revealed.

We can measure from this incident as how important is Salman Khan for his fans.