'Fatwa' issued on Veena Malik

‘Fatwa’ has been issued on Pakistani starlet Veena Malik for signing a contract with the channel for wedding on National TV. The All India Muslim Tyohar (Festivals) Committee in Bhopal issued a `fatwa` on Wednesday for disrespecting the institution of marriage.

Majlis-e-Shura , 70-member supreme body of the All India Muslim Tyohar Committee, in Bhopal was receiving complaints from every corner and was asked to take strict action against the actress for sending out wrong message to the society.

Talking to a daily, Ausaf Shahmiri Khurram, chairman of the Majlis-e-Shura said, “We were getting complaints from concerned community members who said that the activities of this Pakistani female actor was sending a wrong message to our teenagers, especially girls.”

“The complaints said that there were offensive photographs of this woman all over the internet and that she was going to have a `Swayamvar` on television. Islam has a certain procedure for a `Nikaah`. We do not have `Swayamvar`,” he added.

The member of the Muslim body tried to contact Veena for two days but she was not available and later unanimously a ‘fatwa’ was issued on her.

“She has been ex-communicated and no member of the community will entertain her from now onwards", Khurram said.

Calling her a disgrace to Islam, Khurram said, “The extreme step has been taken because the woman has openly revolted against the tenets of Islam and Prophet Mohammad. You are a Muslim only if you follow the rules of the religion. She has made a laughing stock of the community. The social boycott became necessary to stop our community girls from following her example.”