Fatwa issued against Salman Khan for attending Ganesh idol puja

Salman Khan, the king of controversy seems to have got himself into some more trouble and this time it is with the maulvis (religious heads) of the Islam religion. Salman who has just received bail in his chinkara case in Jodhpur , recently attended the Ganesh puja and participated in the religious rituals at the event. Upset that Salman was seen being a part of worshipping the Ganesh idol, a Muslim organization has issued a fatwa against the actor as worshipping any form of idol is prohibited in Islam.
The Daarul-Ifta-Manjar-e-Islam organization which is based in Bareilly has strongly opposed the fact that Salman attended and participated in the Ganesh puja. A fatwa against the actor was issued claiming that unless Salman re-read all the kalmas he would not be considered a Muslim. Salman Khan attended the puja which was attended by thousands of devotees as the Ganesh idol was a huge one and is believed to also have miraculous powers. In fact this was one of the few times that Salman actually turned up early for the event. However he left immediately after participating in the puja due to huge crowds who were also his fans. However Salman’s mother Salma was a Hindu and hence he along with his family often bring home the Ganesh idol. Recently too they brought home the Ganesh idol for one and half days, Sallu’s sis Arpita is also a firm believer. Salman along with step mom Helen was seen dancing before proceeding to immerse the idol in water.

Salman said “We practice all religions at home, we have a place of worship for every God. My parents have inculcated the values of all faiths in us.” However he also said Religion is a personal thing. I love all Gods, but I practice what I want within the four walls of my home.” Recently when Salman was shooting for Mera Bharat Mahan in Ladakh, he along with co-stars Dino Morea and Mithun Chakraborthy visited some monasteries and temples out there. Actor Salman and the rest of them were given a guided tour by the monks who treated Sallu like royalty. At one of the monasteries they even went around the complex chanting a spiritual prayer so that their wishes would be fulfilled.