Father-son duo Amitabh-Abhishek’s off-screen camaraderie

In Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna, Abhishek played Amitabh’s son and the two seemed to share an amazing camaraderie and bonding. Off-screen too the two actors, share an amazing camaraderie, albeit a little different from KANK. Nonetheless both father-son duo Amitabh and Abhishek are extremely close to each other and often share a buddy like relationship. This was clearly seen when Amitabh and Abhi were recently shooting at the same venue on opposite sets. Both the units were left in splits with the father-son duo’s off-screen antics.
Amitabh was shooting for his film Bhootnath , while Abhi was shooting for an ad film, both kept dropping by on the other’s sets to chill out and spend time with each other. Amitabh and Abhi shared jokes, laughed and even mingled with each other’s units. On one occasion Amitabh was over at Abhi’s sets and he was required to give a shot, so the director sent an assistant to call him. But the assistant unknowingly walked right into the middle of Abhi’s shot and that was it as Abhi declared he too would go over and deliberately spoil his Pa’s shot. Of course a straight faced Abhi was kidding around; nonetheless he did go over to his father’s sets during a break. A source from the Bhootnath sets claims “Abhi was hilarious, he came over and got into Big B’s costumes and got hold of the script. Next he asked for the cameras to start rolling and started saying Big B’s dialogues. The entire crew was in splits as they watched Abhi and even Big B was amused.”

An amused Amitabh even told the director “Oh you have got a new actor in my place; I should take your leave now.” Well all this was done in a light vein and the entire cast and crew of both units took it in the right spirit, moreover they were quite amused to see such awesome camaraderie and bonding between father and son. In fact, director of Bhootnath, Vivek Sharma says “It was a great experience to watch the great rapport that the father and son share and Abhi’s antics did have us all in splits.”