Fashion fraternity eyes Sridevi's daughter Jhanvi

While promoting her latest comeback film, Sridevi revealed her secret behind turning out well at all events. She gave all the credit to her 15 year old daughter Jhanvi for giving her all the necessary information and ideas about the latest fashion trends. This has definitely put Jhanvi in the spotlight.

Fashion world, thus has taken a notice of the actress’s progeny. Of late, Jhanvi has been seen treading out with her parents. Recently, at an event she was seen alongside her mother. She looked pretty and glamorous and this certainly gave a peak into her fashion consciousness.  Thus, she has been flooded with numerous offers meant for the ramp, and has also been appreciated for her efforts.

Films will definitely take some time for this teenager, and the ‘strict’ Sridevi only amplified this saying, "She is only 15. Give her some space to make up her mind about what she wants to do with her life. I know these days kids know their minds very soon in life. But Jhanvi is at the moment studying. I'd like her to finish formal education before she chooses her career."

However, it clearly seems that this mother’s views have undergone a complete change as some time back she would not even want her daughter to be a part of films. She had commented “When she completes her studies, ideally I would like her to get married and settle down." This change is clearly due to the attention that her daughter got from the fashion fraternity this Monday night.

Sridevi, now seems to be happy at the idea of her daughter choosing this field as her career. She said "It's (Bollywood) a beautiful industry. If either of my daughters choose to be in the industry, I'd be most happy."

Boney Kapoor too was asked for his take on his daughter getting noticed for her appearance at Monday’s event. He said "It got me quite a lot of appreciative comments from the tall ladies in high heels on the ramp. As far as I'm concerned, ramp-walking is where the limelight ends for Jhanvi for now. She is too young to be pursuing a career right now. We want her to concentrate on her studies first."

He also declared that acting has never been an issue for the women of the Kapoor family "Every child in our family, male or female, is free to pursue any career."

This clearly indicates that it’s a green signal from Jhanvi’s parents to be a part of Bollywood, only if she chooses.