Farhan the Singer and Actor in Rock On!

Farhan Akhtar in Rock On!He’s proven his metal as an ace director, with box office toppers like Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshya.  He’s dabbled in production, with Excel Entertainment and now debuts in his home production….Rock On!! As an actor and singer. Excerpts from a conversation with the man himself and director Abhishek Kapoor.

So, the big secret behind this twist in the tale?
“I remember wanting to be an actor till a certain age, after which I started, getting drawn to filmmaking. I was enjoying the process so much that I put away some of my other interests like acting and music” says Farhan about his outstanding career path.

And the choice of film? Why Rock On!!
“I play the guitar. That’s one of the reasons I could relate to Rock On instantly.”

Big fan of rock music eh?
“Watch the film… Rock On!! Is every person’s story, just like Dil Chahta Hai. It says you’re never too old to pick up the threads and go after your dream. For me there was an immediate connect and I instantly decided to do the film.”

We question the director Abhishek Kapoor, about his take on casting Farhan in this double debut.

We wonder can a childhood hobby be the only motivation to make a double debut? Sources reveal it was you (Abhishek Kapoor) behind this surprise.
 “I went to Farhan with the script and he loved it. I was sure I wanted my actors to sing their own songs in the film… When I told him he had to sing as well, he was more than ready to go for it.” Says Abhishek.

Must have a grueling routine…have your lead singer act the part and sing? What was the recording for the film like?
“Farhan also plays the guitar in Rock On!! -  I had some reference songs in mind; I wanted my songs to be on those lines ….One day Farhan called me to the studios….He was ready to sing. So he did and I was sure that this is what I wanted.”

So it wasn’t such a tough transition after all? How would you rate Farhan in his new avatar vis-a-vis his previously established role as a director?
“Farhan is a fabulous director. For this role he underwent extensive training with Shankar (of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy). Watch the results for yourself, he has already performed at the music launch and all the live performances and the audience loved his new avatar.”