Farhan Akhtar gets into depression

Director cum actor Farhan Akhtar is so much engrossed in his roles in ‘Kartik Calling Kartik’ that he locked himself in a room, cut himself from the outer world to get into the character. According to a source, the actor took two months to come out of the phase of depression after he self arrested him in a house for eight days.

Farhan is playing an intense role in the film and to do justice to the role, he cut ties with his near and dear ones for eight days. He refused to meet anyone to get himself ready for the character. The actor even stopped his daily exercise regime to look like a next door boy. But after Farhan realized that he was moving into a different world, he quickly changed his way of living and came back to his usual life-style.

Soon after that he went for a two week holiday abroad and started visiting gym. Now Farhan is back to his family and friends life and looking much better.

He is not only the one to get into the dark world of depression. Previously, Dilip Kumar also suffered depression for his role in ‘Devdas’, Guru Dutt for making ‘Pyasa’ and Aamir Khan also went through low phase in his time for essaying roles.