Fardeen Khan will now face a trial for his cocaine case

In 2001, Fardeen Khan was arrested for purchasing cocaine from drug peddler Nasir Abdul Karim; both were charged with possession of drugs. The police filed a case against the duo and the chargesheet documented by the police showed the amount of nine grams to be found on both of them. The case has been going on for the last five years. But Fardeen Khan and his lawyer Aiyaz Khan recently made an appeal to the court to amend the charge against him as only one gram of cocaine had been found on him personally. But the court has rejected Fardeen‘s plea and now the actor will have to undergo a trial.
Under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, a person who is charged with possession of merely one gram of cocaine is liable to a jail term of six months minimum, whereas a person who is charged with possession of two grams or more is liable to ten years rigorous imprisonment. Fardeen will now have to face a criminal trial which is also a non-bailable offense. Fardeen’s lawyer, Aiyaz Khan said “Fardeen is not going to be arrested simply because his petition was rejected; all these rumours are not true. In his plea Fardeen merely wanted to know what are the charges levied against him and what quantity has he been charged with, unfortunately the plea was rejected. At present Fardeen is out of town and I am waiting for him to come back after which we will decide about filing a fresh application to a higher court.”

Fardeen Khan is currently in Kenya, location hunting for dad Feroz Khan’s next production. Fardeen’s case will unfortunately be in the limelight due to the recent case of late politician Pramod Mahajan’s son Rahul who has been charged with possession and consumption of drugs. Fardeen Khan’s father, Feroz Khan said “There is no chance of Fardeen being arrested. The case is dead and buried and as good as finished.”