Fardeen Khan Weds Natasha Madhvani

December 14th is the day when Fardeen Khan, son of Feroz Khan and Sundri Khan will marry Natasha Madhvani, daughter of Mayur Madhvani and actress Mumtaz, who was born and studied in England.

The ceremonies consist of Sangeet, which will be held on 13th December, the day before the wedding, at J W Marriot, Juhu. Grand Hyatt in Santa Cruz, will experience the Grand wedding and the Reception, which will be held a day after the wedding, on 16th December.

�There will be no nikaah, no Muslim or Hindu rites. They will have a registered marriage, with the father of the bride walking her up the aisle; and there will be a best man. There is no priest, but the marriage registrar, who will do the deed. We are a family who believes that all religions are one and that there is one God. We have always been a totally integrated family." said groom's father, Feroz Khan.

He also added, that " It was Fardeen�s and Natasha�s decision to have a civil court marriage, and we respect that. They should be happy. Natasha is a very bright girl, born and educated in England, and she didn�t want any rituals or ceremonies. It was their choice.�

It took Fardeen about five minutes for Fardeen to choose his wedding apparel, while Natasha's dresses will get a more personal touch, as they are designed by Fardeen's mother Sundari Khan herself. For the sangeet, Fardeen has decided on a fawn hand-woven silk fabric with drill work high-collar kurta with Aligarh pyjama. He zeroed in on something between an ink-andelectric blue silk sherwani with sesham cotton thread work. For the reception, it will be a cool beige tuxedo, made of raw silk with just a teardrop pearl in the knot. Designer Shahid Amir bought the fabrics for the sherwani and tuxedo from Italy.

Feroz Khan will wear a black brocade Pathani suit on Sangeet. He prefers to be formally attired in dark suits for the wedding and the reception.

Laila Khan Rajpal, Fardeen�s elder sister and a famous painter said �Though Fardeen has lots of my paintings, I plan to gift him another one, which I will paint specially for him. Fardeen likes nudes, so maybe I will paint him one.� Laila also designed the elegant looking wedding cards with golden writing.

Feroz Khan wishes best for the couple. He said, �Material gifts are not important. The biggest gifts I can give him today are my love and best wishes. It�s all I can give someone who has everything. Fardeen has everything he wants or needs in terms of material things.�

Last month Bollywood experienced Fardeen's cousin, Zayed Khan's grand wedding and it seems like this month, its not just Fardeen who is getting married. The rurmors are that Aamir Khan, whose divorce from wife Reena came through a few months ago, will marry Kiran Rao on New Year's Day. Kiran was the assistant director of Aamir Khan's 2001 blockbuster movie, Lagaan.

Apart from Aamir, the upcoming actor Emraan Hashmi plans to marry his longtime girlfriend Parveen Shahani this winter, although a date for the wedding is yet to be fixed.