Farah, Shirish preserve the umbilical stem

Farah Khan at MTV style awardIt is a rare case but it happened with the ace choreographer and director Farah Khan. On February 11, she gave birth to triplets. As soon as she gave birth to her three babies, the couple decided to preserve the umbilical stem cell. The process of preserving the cell is called umbilical stem cell banking. By storing it one can save their children’s life if some unfortunate incident happens or they fall ill. The process was conducted by Bangalore's Cryo Stemcell.

The preserved umbilical stem cell will help their children from many diseases like leukemia, cancer, diabetes and coronary diseases. It will also repair damage caused by accidental injuries, repair spinal damage in road crash victims which is generally irrepairable and restore sight.  "It costs Rs 1 lakh for 21 years per baby but Cryo Stemcell very sweetly gave me a discount for one baby", said Farah. Farah and Shirish like responsible parents had preserved the cell to ensure their children’s life.

The three newly born babies' father Shirish Kunder is taking all the future precautions for his three children. The parents of the triplets are very excited as how to nourish and flourish their three cuties. Today, Farah will be discharged from the Jaslok hospital. She is very thankful to the hospital staff and her pediatricians for being so wonderful. She is also thankful to the nurses for taking good care of her babies. She will take a short break from her work and get busy in nurturing her offspring.