Farah’s hubby captures her delivery

Farah KhanThe feeling of parenthood is really very charming and one always wants to cherish the memorable moment they spend with their child for their life time. The same is the case for directors Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder. Farah had recently given birth to two daughters and one son at Jaslok’s Hospital and now enjoying the motherhood glory. Shirish was so excited to become the father of three children that he captured the moment of Farah’s giving birth to three children on his personal DVD camera. 

He had taken special permission from the hospital authority to get the filming done. Later, Farah with all her family members including Sajid Khan had watched the film with great excitement and gaiety. Shirish and Farah had not yet decided the name of their children. The film includes every stages of Farah’s delivery. Now, Farah would take a short break from her work and get busy in nourishing her three children. 

It was a moment of glory for both Farah and Shirish. All the family members are overjoyed with the arrival of three cute babies. Last year, Farah’s Om Shanti Om was a super hit film. She would resume her work after a short break and right now Farah would devote her maximum time to her children. Keep going Farah.