Farah's Eid celebrations with Shahrukh and Rani

Shahrukh Khan wearing a black Kurta at Eid celebrations


Bollywood celebrated Eid on a low key this time round. But the stars did turn up for Farah Khan's Eid get together. Naturally King Khan, Shahrukh who is extremely close to Farah turned up to celebrate Eid with her. The choreographer turned director, Farah has had two successful hits with SRK as her leading man. Now with SRK being so lucky for Farah, it's no wonder that he's such a good friend.


Karan Johar with buddy Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan at Eid celebrations


SRK's wife Gauri and another close friend, director Karan Johar also attended Farah's Eid celebrations. Gauri looked pretty in a sheer white salwar, while hubby Shahrukh looked cool in typical kurta, pyjama. Karan and Gauri are said to be extremely good friends. Shahrukh has also always been a part of Karan's films. Having one of the biggest stars of the country, SRK as your best friend, certainly does have its advantages, what say Karan, Farah?


Rani Mukherjee wearing an orange salwar kameez at Farah's Eid celebrations


Rani Mukherjee joined Farah's Eid celebrations. She had donned a bright orange salwar which had gold work embossed on it. With her outfit, Rani definitely seemed to be trying to keep up her spirits up, despite her recent flops. Rani will also not be seen along with SRK in Karan Johar's next film, but instead it will be cousin Kajol who will be seen opposite SRK. Too bad...as Rani could have definitely used a hit film with SRK as of late she has not had any hit films, despite working with one of the biggest banners in the industry.


Kunal Kohli and Anil Kapoor in white shirts and jeans at the Eid celebrations


Anil Kapoor and director Kunal Kohli were also seen attending Farah Khan's Eid celebrations. Anil Kapoor, a veteran actor still seems to be giving the new comers in the film industry some tough competition. In fact Anil's daughter, Sonam has also entered the film industry now. Well true talent like Anil's is definitely rare in bollywood. Also Anil, we definitely believe 'old is gold'.


Salman Khan's brother Sohail Khan at Farah's Eid celebrations


This one came as a total surprise, as Sallu's younger brother, Sohail Khan was also spotted at Farah's Eid get together. Well after the terrible sapt between Sallu and SRK, no one expected anyone from Salman's family to be mingling with SRK and his camp people. Wonder what Salman had to say about Sohail attending Farah's Eid get together?


Fardeen Khan and Sajid Khan at Eid celebrations


Fardeen Khan, who has hardly been seen in any films of late also attended Farah's Eid celebrations. Fardeen has put on a lot of weight and looked pretty tired. Fardeen, the guy who was once known for his cool casanova image, seems to have let go of himself after marriage. While marriage works wonders for some like SRK, for others it's different. Fardeen definitely needs to work outand get his act together.