Farah Khan wants Shahrukh to dance on her IPL steps

Farah Khan who has choreographed some signature dance moves as part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) season wants her close friend and actor Shahrukh Khan to dance on her dance moves. Farah wants the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) dance to her steps in the stadium.

"I hope Shah Rukh does these steps when his team hits a six or a four or takes a wicket. He has a sense of humour and I am sure he will enjoy it," Farah, 48, said here on Tuesday at a press meet, where a special song was launched.

The title of the song goes as 'Dil jumping zapaak'. The ace choreographer cum filmmaker said that she plans few cricketers dance to the tune and said that if the match is interesting, she will watch it at home and she plans to watch few matches from the stadium.

"If it is an interesting match, I will watch it at home. For some matches, I will also go to the stadium and it will be nice to make everyone dance in the stadium. There are some cute players, I will teach them," she said.

The peppy number was composed by music composer Vishal Shekhar.

This special dance will be played when any player hit six and fours and when any player gets out. . The sixth season of IPL will kick start from April 3 in Kolkata.