Farah, Shahrukh, Deepika had great fun in Dubai

Farah Khan who is directing ‘Happy New Year’ in Dubai was seen in a relaxed mood on the last day of shooting in Dubai. The filming for this movie started on 1st September and the first schedule is over. Now the next schedule will begin in India.

The Dubai shooting began with lead actors of the movie, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan and Sonu Sood.

Farah said, “Today is our last day of shooting in Dubai…It’s been wonderful here but so hectic. I need at least three days of sleep to get over it.”

The last day of shooting in Dubai required a helicopter shoot. Farah said, “My cameraman and a military personnel who looks after the security aspects are the only ones allowed into the helicopter. So I am taking it a bit easy today.”

She called the Dubai phase of shooting as ‘a fun adventure’. Farah further added, “We like it so much here that some of the stars have stayed back to spend one last day together.”

Farah has bought a few jalaybiyas and abayas from Dubai. “I bought around seven of them. It’s so comfortable that I am going to wear those in Mumbai while I work.” said Khan.

Farah was asked about her shooting experience in Dubai. She said, “For my earlier film with Shah Rukh Khan called ‘Main Hoona Na’, we shot in Darjeeling for 23 days – around the same time as we spent in Dubai for ‘Happy New Year’. At that time, we thought that it was the best experience of our lives and no other work experience could beat it. I was wrong. I called ‘pack up’ for stars in Dubai on Saturday but they are still staying here at the hotel [Atlantis, The Palm] because they don’t want to say goodbye yet. In fact, Shah Rukh flew back into Dubai last night [Saturday] from Mumbai to spend a day with the rest of the crew today. It says a lot about our working experience in the last few weeks. Very often once you wrap up a shoot, stars just want to catch the next flight home and move on with their lives. Here, they just want to catch up one last time and play games, like how we all did during our filming days in Dubai.”

Farah further elaborated the importance of Dubai in the movie and said, “It’s too early to speak about the plot of the film but it’s a mix of two genres. It’s a heist-meets-musical film. Also, the new year celebrations, an important scene in the film, take place at The Atlantis, The Palm, leading up to the climax. This city is like a character in our film. I am not making an art film here, I am making an out-and-out commercial film here. A word about the people here: they don’t trouble you at all. There are thousands who came to watch the filming but they never got in our way. I wish I could make the rest of my film here. Also, we experienced surreal moments when we set out to capture the fountains at The Dubai Mall. We could hear the music of Doom Tana from our hit ‘Om Shanti Om’. All of us got teary-eyed, it was an emotional moment for us because here we were — Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika and I – shooting for a brand new film. It brought back memories of ‘Om Shanti Om’ and how far we have come.”