Farah Khan supports Vishal Dadani in nude Jain monk debate

Choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan favors her friend and music composer Vishal Dadlani in nude Jain Monk controversy.

Speaking at the press conference of Indian Television Academy, Farah said, “As a friend I support Vishal in each and every way. If we say our country is a democratic country then people should have the freedom to say what they want to.”

Vishal Bharadwaj run into trouble when he mocked nude Jain guru Tarun Sagar. Tarun Sagar was mocked by Dadlani for appearing nude in the Haryana Assembly. At least 27 people filed police complaints against the artist for disrespecting the monk and hurting religious sentiments. Vishal Dadlani was also trolled on social media. 

In his address to the Haryana Assembly, the monk said: "The control of dharma over politics is essential. Dharma is the husband and politics is the wife. It is the duty of every husband to protect his wife and it is the duty of every wife to accept the orders (discipline) of her husband."

Vishal Dadlani slammed the nude monk for appearing clothless in Haryana assemble. He wrote: "People actually trying to defend the colossal idiocy of some naked monk, addressing Haryana assembly, telling women how to live! UNREAL!  

"That dude has the same education, as he has clothes on. None. I've no problem with nudity. I have a problem with religion in governance.

"All respect for Jains & Jainism. Their concept of non-violence is what the world needs. But why 'saints' in Parliament?" 

Later Vishal Dadlani apologized for his comment, "It is that same ego that I hope to defeat, with your help. I apologise again, from the depths of my heart, and ask that Muni-ji and all my Jain brothers and sisters, forgive me," Mr Dadlani said.