Farah Khan secures her triplets

After the attacks in Mumbai, Farah Khan frightened and geared up for security measures for her triplets. She with Save Versova Beach Associaltion and along with the other families of the society has taken up safety measures for their children.

"On the night of Mumbai attack, just imagine what could have we done had the terrorists attacked us and our children? When we ourselves were so panicky about the situation, how could we have expected to keep the young ones calm? No one had a clue around what to do and that set me thinking that the least we could do to safeguard our children is get an initiative kick started where each of us, whether young or old, support the other in dealing with a disaster situation", states Farah Khan who is getting ready to fight against terror.

The apartment where she is residing has been made high tech with all high quality equipments with CCTV cameras, patrolling jeeps with guards at night and personalized fire-fighting units. She made sure that children of her society should be trained as how to aid one after any mishap. "Frankly, even I don't know how to administer basic first aid, so how could children be expected to do that? This is why we would be having a camp this week where children would be taught these basic things", says Farah.