Farah Khan says Shirish and Shahrukh can never be friends again

“East is east and west is west... the twain shall never meet.” That is what Rudyard Kipling had to say. It is true for Shahrukh and Shirish as well. We have come to know this after an interview with Farah Khan. Speaking to TOI, she said, “I know Shah Rukh and Shirish will never be best of friends but they know that it is me they both love. I will now never force them to become best friends but only want them to be comfortable with each other. Today they have an understanding.”

In fact, it was Farah Khan who had first called for truce. After the Juhu party she had gone to Shahrukh’s house the next morning and apologized to him. They are in fact also working on a new film ‘Happy New Year’. Farah had recently visited SRK’s bungalow for that. In return Shahrukh had obliged their friendship with a special video with the aliens of ‘Joker’. Joker is being directed by her husband Shirish.

However after this entire feel good act it seems the grudge between SRK and Shirish still remains intact. It happed in January when Shirish had tweeted, about ‘Ra.One’s’ underperforming at the box office by saying, “I just heard a Rs. 150 crores firework fizzle.”

After that they were both invited to ‘Agneepath’s’ success party hosted by Sanjay Dutt. It is said that Shirish was following SRK everywhere he was going. Once during the party it is being said that SRK overheard Shirish saying something ugly about ‘Ra.One’ to someone. SRK was completely blown over by that and took hold of Shirish by the scruff, made him sit on the sofa, had a heated argument and slapped Shirish hard. He was heard saying to Shirish, “what do you think of yourself? I'll see to it that you're out of this industry.”

SRK’s wife Gauri and Farah too both share a good relationship. Both were not present in the party. The situation was however managed by Sanjay and the others. Speaking about it Farah said, “I am close to Gauri now. She really initiated and played a big role in restoring our relationship. She knows I genuinely love Shah Rukh. It’s like when you are newly married, you always try to get your mother and your wife to be best of friends but with time you come to terms with reality.”