Farah Khan’s son kisses Kat on her lips

Katrina Kaif might have huge number of fans but she has got one very special fan who is dam crazy for her. He is a two year old small child named Czar and another information about him is that he is choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan’s son. Czar has a huge crash on Katrina and get closer to her during the shooting of ‘Tees Maar Khan’. He accompanies with her mother. Very often Farah Khan takes her three kids (Czar, Anya and Diva) to the set of ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

Talking about Czar’s fascination for Kat, a source says, "Farah often brings her kids (Czar, Anya and Diva) to the set of her film Tees Maar Khan. Czar is a total brat. Farah often kisses him on his lips and he annoyingly wipes it off most of the time.

However, one day on the set, he was playing with Kat and she offered her cheek to let him plant a kiss. But instead of kissing her on the cheek, he kissed her on the lips. Now, Czar usually wipes off his moms affectionate kisses but he didn't do the same after plating a wet one on Kat."

Recalling the incident, Farah adds that it didn't just happen once, but twice! "The next day at rehearsals, he actually gestured to her with his hands and called her. And aagain planted a kiss on her lips! Till now, only I was allowed to kiss him on the mouth, but now he's taken to Kat. We think something is going on between them!"

Well, Kat need to add a new cute fan in her fan list.